Monday, December 30, 2013

About Russian groups


I want also give one or two links to download to russian groups. Is it interesting?

For example,

1) Trud -

Oh my dearest, dearest friend
You are here so I’ll repent
I will tell you of myself
About my dreams up on the shelf
About what nerves me and concerns
About what’s very deep inside
About what got just pushed aside
About what will be up ahead
About the enemies on end
About how we just cannot win
But I’m not afraid, I’m not
When your shoulder’s what I’ve got
When I know that you are near
And there’s no emptiness or fear
It’s inside my head, I hear
And it won’t ever leave me be
And when I close my aching eyes
I can notice it sometimes
That no longer I’m nearby
That she sends at me her guise
And now these days are ever more
You are silent, I’m not sure
You divert your eyes from me
And I have nobody to tell
How unlucky is my card
About how you are really far
How for me this is so hard
How all I have is my guitar
How yet again I am alone
About how always I’m alone

About how we are all alone!

2) Scofferlane -,

3) Jack Wood -,

Let me know in comments.


  1. of course it's intresting, keep on truckin'! ;)

  2. great blog, great music, even if it takes awfull long t download your packages. the only russion group I know is Grand Astoria, wich I like a lot. Anything similar going on?

    1. Alejandro, you should try the band called Matushka from SPB, which is considered by many as the coolest psychedelic Russian group.


  3. Hi Igor. I have some russian music and I would like more. Matushka sounds interesting! I am also searching for an album by the group Epos. I have the Ilya album but not the other one: about Saint George?
    Thanks for all the posts1